Prompt: What Up With This Sign?


What happened here?

I came across this sign on one of my morning walks. I couldn’t help stop and wonder how this sign ended up like this. So many questions. Was it put up that way? Did it fall? Did somebody do it on purpose? Why hasn’t it been fixed?

Help me come up with some theories. Write a story explaining how, why and maybe even who would do this.


I’d love to see what you come up, your story below in the comments.

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Writing Workshop Exercise


Last week I got the chance to attend a free writing workshop offered by the New York Writers Coalition. I was surprised by how few people attended, there were four people including myself. But the small group made it very pleasant and easy for everybody to participate. The workshop leader gave us a series of prompts, we wrote for about fifteen minutes and then shared what we wrote.

While all the prompts were interesting, there was one in particular I thought was a great writing exercise. It was based on a book excerpt describing the setting using landmarks and other clues that let the reader know the location without ever naming it. We all tried our hand at it and below is what I came up with.

A strip lined with hotels in repair from the last hurricane. Beach view rooms on one side, the Lagoon on the other. To the south tourist spend days admiring ancient ruins. As night descends, crowds fill the streets looking to party. Heading to Senior Froggies to sip margaritas or shots of Tequila.

I was aiming to describe a specific location but the group was able to figure out the general area. If you have any guesses let me know in the comments.