Heavy Metal Horror Anthology Ebook


Heavy Metal Horror ebook cover

Excerpt from She Isn’t Real by Me, published in Rymfire books Heavy Metal Horror Anthology Ebook.


They were in Park Slope and she led him up the avenues towards Prospect Park. He wondered where exactly it was that she lived. As they walked he tried to make small talk. Actually, he was babbling as a result of being a little drunk, nervous and insecure. He was amazed that she seemed perfectly sober. Meanwhile, he could barely walk straight.

“So how long have you lived around here?”

“A very long time. You know, we’re not too far from the park, I say we take a little detour and walk through the park for a bit. I just love walking through it at night and haven’t done it in a while.”

“Well, I guess we could. Don’t you think that’s a little dangerous though? I’ve heard a lot of stories about people being mugged or even killed there even in broad daylight.”

“Awww, you scared? Don’t worry I’ll protect you. Trust me I think I’m a more dangerous than any criminal you’ll find there.” She teased him, as they reached the park and turned into it.

“No I’m not scared, but I’m not stupid either and don’t like to attract trouble.”

“Well in that case you shouldn’t have started talking to me in the bar.” She whispered as they headed toward one of the wooded areas.

He started to get a little nervous. He thought, Oh great, I knew this was too good to be true.  She’s a little wacked.  Of course that’s my luck. Well that’s not always a bad thing and it’s not really that dangerous, is it?

As they walked deeper into the park it got darker and creepier. Jack started to get a little nervous and scared. “Maybe we should head back. I can barely see right in front of me. I’m not up for getting lost in the park in the middle of the night.”

“Don’t worry I know the park real good.  I’m in here all the time, we won’t get lost.”

“I thought you said you hadn’t been in here for a while.”

“Did I? Oh well maybe it hasn’t been that long.”  She smiled but this time it wasn’t the sweet smile he had seen on her all night, there was something odd about it. He also thought her voice seemed to have dropped a couple octaves. “If you want, we can stop here for a second and just talk. There are a couple of benches over there.” She said while pointing out into the darkness.

Before he could even respond she hooked his arm, pulled him hard and started leading toward the benches. They got to the benches and sat for a minute. Then without a word Liz hopped on Jack’s lap and kissed him. Then she ran her tongue down along his neck. As they are kissed he felt like they were being watched. He even thought he saw somebody walking in the shadows a couple feet away. He quietly freaked out but didn’t want to seem like a complete pussy so he kept it to himself. All of a sudden he felt her bite his neck, hard, really hard.

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