Pretty Pictures


Been playing around with different creative outlets the past couple of months. Decided it’d be fun to share some of the results and works in progress.

2017-01-12 00.17.05

A random pic of of my lovely work space on the living room floor.


2017-01-12 00.17.28

Kind of obsessed with these repetitive patterns as backgrounds, for what, no clue. But I think they look pretty cool.


2017-01-11 15.52.31

Some watercolor flowers, I seem to have a thing for tulips.


Royal Flush Festival


This weekend I am volunteering for the Royal Flush Festival. It’s a once a year festival that this year marks the release of Royal Flush Magazine. It includes film screenings, art shows, parties and rock concerts. It started on this past Thursday and runs until Monday.

Yesterday there were several movies screened at the Anthology Film Archives, and the official magazine release party at Crash Mansion. The bands playing this party were Cinema Cinema, Black Water Rising, Goes Cube and Suicide City. They all killed, I did get to check in on the bands every now and then but even while at the door I was able to hear.

Today it continues with more short films, panel discussions, an art show, more live music, and parties. Monday is the last day of the festival, and I highly suggest finding your way to at least one of the many events going on. For a complete schedule go to