Life’s a fast ride
hold on tight.
Over sooner than deserved.

All that’s left
a story, a poem,
a thought. My last words.


I’m Alexis M. Collazo, a writer, born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. This is personal blog I started several years ago. I’ve always enjoyed writing poetry and fiction; I’ve recently begun writing more nonfiction pieces. This blog is basically somewhere for me to write about things that interest me, including music, writing, books, art, movies, cooking, gardening, and media. Posts cover things I’ve read, my experiences, events I’ve attended, and sometimes random pieces of writing.

I recently left my full-time accounting job in order to dedicate all my time to writing and building a career in publishing. To find out more about my journey as a writer read The Road So Far blog post series and take a look at my LinkedIn profile for more about my professional experience and links to published articles.

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