Tarot Tuesdays: August 2022 Prompts


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You have the choice of following the suggested prompts, using the image itself as a visual prompt, and/or including elements of the description/interpretation. Follow me on Instagram or Facebook, to get prompts weekly as they are posted.

Pyramid spread

Prompt: Use the following spread as the inspiration for your main character’s journey.

Main conflict – What does your character want most and what obstacles to they need to overcome?
The Chariot (reversed) — Represents a lack of control. You may still be in motion but lack direction and feel powerless. It may seem like circumstance and obstacles stand in your way, but it’s more likely you have not chosen how to move forward.

Emotional State – Which emotions motivate your character toward their goal and how?
Three of Wands — Symbolizes an inner balance and an optimistic outlook for the future.

The Lovers (reversed)– Indicates you’re going along to get along despite your interest in a particular outcome. You’re resistant to your course but continue with unresolved resentment.

Action – What actions are taken to resolve conflict, how does the character try to get what they want?
Seven of Swords–Represents the mental habits of a natural winner. You’ve mentally prepared by rehearsing or visualizing your desired result.

The Fool— You are making decisions without the necessary knowledge and wisdom. Instead of thinking things through you act impulsively driven by basic needs.

Queen of Cups (Reversed) –You’re not facing your problems head on. Instead, your try to distract yourself, rationalize or control the situation.


Prompt: Write a poem, story, etc. where strength of character prevails over physical strength. 

The pictured card from the Fradella Adventure Tarot depicts Ibn Al-Jinn wrestling Apep, the serpent god of ancient Egypt. Ibn Al-Jinn whose name means “Son of the Genie” displays his wisdom here as his maturity allows him to exercise his gargantuan strength with only as much force as is needed to do the job. The card represents spiritual power, the passive side of strength, control as opposed to force. Heroes can be measured by restraint and compassion as much as strength and ability.  

Queen of Pentacles

Prompt: Write about a sudden change happening.

Depicted in Occult Tarot deck as the demon Haagenti. Attributes are listed below.

  • Makes one wise and teaches everything.
  • Can turn any metal into gold.
  • Transmutates water into wine. 

Three of Discs & Five of Discs

Prompt: Use the images as visual prompts for the beginning and ending of a story. You may want to include details from character names and descriptions included below. 

Three of Discs: The Craftsman–Skill and craftsmanship, a pride in one’s work. 

Five of Discs: Cerulean–Unemployment, destitution, possible illness. May indicate despair. 

Ten of Swords 

Prompt: Write a scene where a character reaches their breaking point with a particular situation. 

The Ten of Swords represents finality, the end of something. A line has been crossed which leaves no option for turning back. Exhausted by your efforts your best option is to let go and give up.

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