You Might Be a Shitty Person If…


All of your closest friends have talked shit about you at some point.

Nobody is ever there to help you when you really need it.

Every girlfriend/boyfriend you cheated on deserved it because he/she did too.

Every time you say something nice about somebody it’s preceded or followed by an insult or a judgement of their character. (in other words you’re pointing out their flaws)

Everybody that has something bad to say about you is just a hater.

You think that you never owe anybody anything ever.

You won’t take people up on offers for help because you don’t want to owe anybody for anything, especially if you think you’ll have to pay back the favor one day.

Every bad thing you ever did was for a good reason so it wasn’t a mistake.

You won’t help somebody else if you can’t see how it will help you in some way.

You bring up past “resolved” issues when arguing with somebody.

Everybody you fucked over or talked shit about deserved it.

Most of your closest friends ended up being fake ass people.

The only luck you ever have is bad luck.

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