First comic convention


So I haven’t written on here in a long time. Life’s been I would like to say crazy but in reality it’s been pretty boring. Well not that I haven’t been busy or anything just nothing too exciting going on. Same old stuff as usual, school, work, life. Still looking an internship so I can finally be done with school. Finally found a part-time job. Other than that haven’t been up to much and haven’t really worked on anything worth writing about. However, I did attend my first comic book convention a couple weeks ago. So I thought I’d write a quick little something.

I’ve been into comic books since I was in elementary school but had some long gaps in time where I’ve gone without them. I jump off and on to the bandwagon every now and then when something catches my eye, for example of course now The Walking Dead and I went through a Darkness phase for a long time.

This was a small affair. Nothing close to the legendary Comiccon but it definitley got me excited for it. So for those that don’t know comic book conventions are bunch of tables with different comic stores selling all their crap in one place. The up side is you can find almost anything you want and can get some really great deals. The down side is going through all said crap. It’s really not very exciting at all and truthfully can be quite boring. Oh and all the walking around is extremely exhausting. But there were some really cool things to see in general. There was some amazing artwork on display from different artist. Of course this is the year of the zombie so everybody had zombie everything. One table had movie posters, book covers, etc all zombied out, it was actually really nice but they cost $30 bucks way too much for my cheap self. And the cutest thing was a little kid dressed up as Spiderman.

But I had a great time. Come on shopping and looking for deals that is what I live for. So happily I was able to get a fat ass Captain America book. (Yes I like Captain America) I also got a couple of The Darkness one off books for a buck each and a comic about Jack the Ripper. Oh and an extra bonus I got to meet Henry Winkler a.k.a. The Fonz. (yeah I have no idea why he was there either)

 I’m pretty sure this is the beginning of an expensive new habit.

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