New website


So I actually launched my new website a couple weeks ago now. Unfortunately, I have been so busy I didn’t have a chance to write a blog about it. All winter break I didn’t have anything to do so I decided it was time to work on making a website. I am currently using Moonfruit as my hosting company because it is free. So I wasn’t able to do things exactly the way I want it but they have software to  make the process easy. If I were to really create my website exactly the way I want it, I would need the program Dreamweaver, well not need but want. I don’t have it, don’t have access to it and even if I could afford it I don’t even have a good enough computer to run it on. So for now I just paid for the domain but  am using the free hosting. Most likely that will have to change because I will eventually run out of storage space but I will deal with that when the time comes.

The website is kind of a vanity site. A place for me to post things that I have done. Mostly the idea started out as a place for me to put up my concert pictures. But I also wanted to be able to add some kind of depth to it with interviews and music reviews. I think the real goal of it though is to be a digital portfolio of my talents. I think it’s a great way for me to display all the different skills I have in addition to writing. It easily shows that I can work with many different media tools and learn any kind of software.

One of the other real inspirations for the site was that I just want to know that I made some kind of mark on the world. Which is really the true concept of the site. I want it to be like if I died tomorrow I can say this is what I left behind, hence the name, Last Remains. It’s a little similar to the concept I thought of when naming this blog. I thought of it as if I had a chance to write what my last thoughts were it would be things I post here.

Well enough babbling about the site so far I only have up one set of photos and an old interview but I am really hoping to be able to get some new stuff up soon. I am going to try and add new material at least once a week. By the way if any of you reading thing happen to be a musician, or work in the Metal music industry I am looking for new people to interview or material to review so please contact me. Without further ado I present Last Remains Website.

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