In my attempt to be a more well rounded individual, I’ve ventured into other creative outlets. Lately, my attentions have been drawn to photo editing and have been working with Photoshop. I have taken classes in the past, so I do know some basics, but I am really still just learning. Unfortunately, I am working on a really old version. New Adobe software is way too expensive for me, besides my computer wouldn’t be able to run it. This limits what I have the ability to do, but I’ve tried to make the best of what I have.

I am not a model but I happen to be friends with an amazing model and one of  her favorite photographers. So last Halloween we got together and really just had a good time. Some workable images came out of it but mostly we just had fun.

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Model: Elena Bathory,

Photographer: David Velez,

Check out their websites for more of their professional work. They are both incredibly talented at what they do.

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