I couldn’t resist


As the whole world can’t seem to resist talking about Lindsey Lohan going to jail, I was going to turn the other way and ignore it simply because I really don’t care. Not that I don’t indulge in celebrity gossip, but I just figured enough people had talked about this already. I was wrong.

Attempting to watch some real news for once I switched over to the CNN channels that are all strung along after each other, and every single one of them was talking about it. I almost lost it, the one time I finally decide I want to learn something I have to hear about what people who most likely have  never been near a  jail think she may have to endure. I guess being a newscaster makes you an expert on everything.

I think my favorite was when one “journalist” asked another about why she though people were so obsessed with hearing about this one young celebrity’s life issues. Really? Maybe it’s because its on every channel and being talked about by every single media outlet.  It’s a shame but we have sunk to an incredible low as a species.

And I know I’ve just added to the mania, but in this case I thought I just had to say something. Just to clear my conscience and cleanse the soul of my celebrity gossip sins.

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