Life’s pretty hard


If you look at the past posts, you’ll notice I have not been the best at posting blogs frequently. For example the worst I think has been the past six months.  I can’t seem to find the time to get everything done.  I started school again and that was a large distraction but at the same time I also just slacked off.

Its truthfully because life is hard. You don’t always get to do what you want. We all have a plan for how we want or think things will go but that may not happen.  Life takes you on some detours and you have to kind of just go with it and hope that it takes you somewhere good in the end. I have been on many of these little detours and even some not so little ones. I’ve learned that sometimes you have to change the plan. It helps a lot to be a it flexible or else you may end up just stuck.

I recently did let myself get stuck, but I’m getting things back on track and tweaking my plans. In keeping with this change, there may be some changes to this blog. I’m not sure yet where I will head but I one thing is for sure. I will be posting a lot more often. Only god can know what those post will be at this point but they will go up. I just hope somebody will enjoy reading them as much as I will hopefully enjoy writing them.

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