Annoying MySpace Bands


Have you ever found a band on MySpace that you kind of liked but then they annoyed you into hating them. I found one. I was reminded of this today when I had my iTunes playing and all of a sudden came on this really great music that I didn’t recognize. When I checked to see who it was I found it was this band that had their album for free download a while back on MySpace. I had downloaded it, put it onto my ipod,  and then forgot about it. Right after that my ipod died and with that any hope of me listening to it. Then they added me from about five different profiles, the band, the singer, an art page, etc. Then bombarded me with bulletins and messages. It drove me to the point that I deleted every one of their profiles. I’m now really disappointed because it was a chance to find a really great band and now I’m so annoyed with them I wont bother to add them again.

In case any readers are in a band or promoting anything here are couple things that they or others have done that annoyed me to the point of deleting them:

  • Multiple messages asking me to listen, add, comment, etc. If I want to I will not because you ask me a million times.
  • Sending bulletins minutes apart for an hour about your new song or your latest gig, or whatever. I got it the first fifty times. (this goes for anybody)
  • Posting your song on a automatic player in a comment. Many times I’ve gone to a music page and couldn’t hear their music because of this.  And if I wanted your song on my page I’ll add it myself.
  • Adding me to several different of your accounts that send out the same exact thing a million times.
  • Constantly promoting things that have nothing to do with their music. (Especially, if it is totally unrelated and completely uninteresting to me)

I’m sure there are many more.  Maybe as time passes I will add some more. Can anybody think of anything else?

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