Lamb of God at Atlantic City House of Blues


LOG 10-23-09

Friday Lamb of God played the House of Blues in Atlantic City. For a while I kept telling my friends we should make a trip out there. I used to go all the time but haven’t in a while. So when I saw the concert listed, I immediately bought tickets. I decided we had time to iron out all the rest of the details later. And as I planned it did. Me and my friend saved up cash, booked a cheap hotel room and headed out there on greyhound.

I didn’t expect House of Blues to the most metalhead friendly venue, especially when I found out this was one of the dates that Gwar was not playing with Lamb of God, but I think their security was a little overboard. We had to walk back to our room because they wouldn’t let anybody in with spikes or even a studded belt on. Thankfully, we were very early and the hotel room wasn’t too far. Otherwise our option was to throw them out.

LOG 10-23-09
We finally make into the show and Hatebreed is on, yet they were missing Jamey Jamsta. I’m not sure what happened but not being a fan of Hatebreed I really didn’t care.

I’ve seen Lamb of God twice before, and I think this was my favorite. As always their energy was amazing. In fact, Randy ran around the stage so much I could barely get a good picture of him-I did finally though.And as annoying as security was the House of Blues had a great sound, and I like that it’s a little bit smaller venue than some others I’ve seen them in. LOG 10-23-09And I think since this was in Atlantic city there were a lot less young kids around and the guys that I did end up around when up front were okay guys.

Of course I ended the night with wandering around casinos, and grabbing some drinks randomly while passing through or stopping at bars. One of the best nights I’ve had in a long time. The last bonus was shopping the next day at the outlets before hopping on the bus back to the city.

I have a ton of other pictures but they really need to be edited. Hopefully in time I will be able to get them up. (note: more pictures available at

LOG 047(edit) copy

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