Rude Interviewers


I understand that when searching for a job, especially when they are internships, you are not the highest priority on the interviewers mind but it would be nice to think that you can get the common courtesy of the person interviewing you. There are many things that I have encountered that are pretty much completely and utterly rude and if anything nearly close to these behaviors was done by the person being interviewed they would be guaranteed not to get the job. I understand obviously that its not the same thing, and usually we need the interviewer much more than they need us but does that mean we don’t deserve common courtesy. Here are a couple of pet peeves that drive me insane in no particular order:

1. The interviewer being late.  I was on time if not early why can’t I get the same respect.

2. Having to reschedule and then never doing so. I really don’t understand this, because to me it says they didn’t need somebody in the first place or already made their decision. Now all they did was give me a glimmer of hope and then snatch it right back.

2. Keep me waiting for more than twenty minutes. This is almost the same as being late but instead the person is there and is involved in something so much more important that you have to wait. Or my favorite their last interview has run late. Please again common courtesy I may not be working but I have a schedule to keep too.

3. Taking calls during the interview. Now this one I give a little leeway on. Just because we are having an interview doesn’t mean the rest of the world stops. But recently I have an interviewer take several cell phone calls during an interview and then sit there and have at least a minute or two conversation each time. Not only was it rude but also distracting; after each phone call neither one of us remembered what we were speaking about. If you must take a call make sure it’s not an emergency and then tell them you will call back when you are done.

4. Rush through an interview because you have to be somewhere else in five minutes. Why did you schedule the interview for that time then? I always tell interviewers when I’m free and ask when they would prefer to meet, yet I still have some that have to run out to a meeting. At the end of those I always know I wont be getting the job because there is no way they got any sense of whether or not I was the right candidate.

These are just a few things off the top of my head, but I’m sure there are plenty more. Anybody else have similar or even worse examples of bad interviewers?

One thought on “Rude Interviewers

  1. New Intern

    Well, I started my first internship this week. I like the atmosphere, but I don’t know what to make of the person who interviewed me.

    She seems nice, but I can sense a bit of “attitude” in the way she deals with people. I’m very nervous.

    I don’t want to blow it. I’m helpful, relatively friendly, and cooperative. But when I have to be around or work with aggressive people…it becomes weird.

    I’m still in school. I’m not actually job-hunting yet. This is something to fill my time and help me earn additional credit for my major. I’m not being paid at all. But I’m willing to show up with a positive attitude and do the work.

    I just need to know that we will all be respectful of one another. I don’t want anyone to think they can push me around or be unkind just because I’m young and I’m only an intern.

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